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Patti's Pet Sitting Service, LLC

Patti Sheehan retired from Delta Airlines after accruing more than 29 years of solid professional customer service and employee relations experience in the airline industry. She was the recipient of 15 prestigious sales and customer service awards during her distinguished career. One of Patti\'s proximate goals at the time was to open her own pet-sitting business. The Ludlow, Kentucky resident now takes care of cats and dogs. \r\n\r\n\"I take care of pets for clients who are on vacation or for those persons who work long hours each day. Many people hire me because they don\'t want to settle for doggie daycare or board their pets in a kennel. I take the animals out for walks and play with them in their familiar surroundings. My clientele and their cherished companions are from the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area. Most of my clients live within a 50-mile radius of my home. As a responsible and caring pet owner for many years, I am very excited and proud to be operating my own business. Please call me at your convenience if I can be of assistance to you.\"

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